The Police Traffic Stop

After running a check on Huff’s license, Reichert tells Huff he’ll let him off with a warning, and the two men shake hands. Legally, Huff is now free to go. But just as Huff is set to get back into his car, Reichert says, “Let me ask you a question real quick.” Huff agrees

The attached article concerns a Police practice wherein Police pull a driver over in traffic to either breath test the driver or to check a licence or to issue an infringement notice, but then keep the driver stopped and continue to question the driver long after any valid power to stop that driver has expired.

Its a friendly style of chat, and one which most people would engage in. But that friendly chat might be a loaded conversation which is then relied upon to justify a search of the drivers vehicle.

Read this article if you’re interested in knowing more.

The Stop: Bad Cops, Drug Dogs and Treckies along I-70