About the Barrister

Patrick Lott is a Lawyer admitted as a Solicitor in 2009 and as a Barrister in 2011. He brings to his legal career sixteen years of criminal law experience in both Commonwealth and State Government Law Enforcement agencies.

Prior to his career as a Lawyer, Mr Lott worked for the New South Wales Police (1995-1999), and then the Australian Federal Police (1999-2009). He has also worked for the Australian Securities & Investment Commission investigating corporate fraud and other white collar crimes (2009-2010).

Between 2001 and 2002, Mr Lott spent a year abroad working as an investigator for the United Nations in East Timor, applying the Indonesian Penal Code – the same laws applicable in Bali.

Mr Lott has been awarded the Australian Federal Police Operations Medal for his role in the investigation of the Bali Bombings in 2002 and other Federal Operations. He is also the recipient of the United Nations Medal for his service in East Timor, and he has received a number of Australian Government and United Nations citations and awards throughout his career.

Mr Lott holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree with First Class Honours from the University of Technology Sydney.

Mr Lott may be able to assist you when charges are alleged against you by the Police pursuant to the State and Federal Criminal Laws. Or, when you are facing the refusal or cancellation of an industry license or an authority, i.e. your security license, your liquor license, your RMS driver authority, your industry trade licences and authorities, or the refusal or cancellation of your registration as a registered training organisation.

Mr Lott also offers his experience and services in legal claims arising out of an injury to you, a negligent act against you or a malicious act upon you.

Please contact reception on (02) 8379 1230 to speak with Patrick Lott about your matter.